Benefits of Spring Boiler & Furnace Upgrades in Central Vermont

With warmer weather making itself known in the Central Vermont area, you might give less thought to your heating equipment. But did you know that spring is actually a great time to upgrade your heating system? No matter, if your home is heated by a boiler or a furnace, upgrading your heating equipment, can help you save money by cutting your energy costs and increasing your oil efficiency.

Why Upgrade Your Heating Equipment During the Spring

Your Tax Return Works for You!

Having a new, high-efficiency furnace or boiler installed in your Central Vermont home is a great way to put your tax return to good use! You can even think of it as a credit toward upgrading your home comfort, and it’s an investment that will pay dividends for many years to come.

Lower Energy Costs with an Upgrade

Central Vermont homeowners who upgrade their home heating systems see quite the boost in the efficiency of their heating oil use, which means more money saved each winter. When you break down how often your furnace or boiler runs during the winter months, which could be 24/7 for up to three months—over 2,100 operating hours— the cost savings from installing a brand new energy-efficient furnace or boiler really start to add up.

Upgrade Your Furnace’s or Boiler’s Reliability

It stands to reason that new, high-efficiency furnaces and boilers are much more reliable than older systems. Just like cars that reach a certain mileage, older heating systems lose their reliability the more that they age. Upgrading your furnace or boiler once your current heating equipment reaches 10–15 years old will help increase the reliability of your heating system and will eliminate the stress of having to deal with aged equipment during the coldest months of the year.

Lower the Chance of Heating System Breakdowns

Installing a new, high-efficiency furnace or boiler in your Central Vermont home can drastically lower the chances of breakdowns, repairs, and emergency service calls, as well as frozen pipes and burst plumbing during winter. Making the investment in a new heating system will help you curb these surprise expenses and will help to limit emergency situations in the future.

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Preparation for Fall & Winter

Spring is the perfect time to stay a step ahead of the next heating season. When the temperatures start to drop, you’ll feel a lot better about having a high-efficiency furnace or boiler ready to do its job and keep you and your family reliably warm.

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