The Perks of Automatic Fuel Delivery in Central VT

Winter is right around the corner! For residents in Central Vermont, this season is one of the busiest times of the year. Making sure that you have enough heating oil in your tank to get you through the heating season can often slip from the top of our minds (and to-do lists) as the seasonal festivities approach. Luckily, Packard Fuels is happy to offer our customers automatic fuel delivery to help reduce the stress of placing manual heating oil delivery orders each time your tank levels dip. Keep reading to learn how signing up for automatic oil delivery with us will make your back-to-school season easier than ever.

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How Does Automatic Fuel Delivery Work?

Offering an automatic oil delivery program is just one easy and effective strategy we have to help relieve you of the task of constantly monitoring your own fuel tank. Packard Fuels uses degree-day calculations to create a custom fuel delivery schedule for our auto-delivery enrolled customers. These systems work by tracking daily outdoor temperatures and regular fuel usage alongside factors like personal heating preference and household size to accurately estimate when your VT heating oil tank needs a top-off. When you enroll in automatic delivery with our full-service fuel delivery company, you can skip the stress of manually ordering fuel and arranging your busy schedule around delivery dates, knowing that your fuel supply is in good hands.

Top Benefits of Automatic Fuel Delivery for Vermont Residents

Total Convenience

When you enroll in automatic oil delivery with our reliable heating oil delivery professionals at Packard Fuels you can count on having your fuel delivered right when you need it. With our efficient monitoring system keeping track of your fuel usage and scheduling deliveries accordingly, there’s no need to be home or constantly remembering to check your fuel levels manually during the busiest time of the year.

Smarter Spending

Worry less about your home energy spending this season when you sign up for automatic delivery. Automatic delivery services create a delivery schedule based on educated estimates meaning you will experience more effective fill-ups, more efficient fuel use, and lower annual energy costs. Make the most of your heating budget this fall by enrolling in automatic heating oil delivery with us today!

Improved Protection

Ever let your heating oil tank get too low by mistake? Every heating oil user has been in that position before. After all, constantly monitoring your own fuel levels can easily slip from the forefront of our minds as schedules become jam-packed. However, running out of heating oil can cause significant damage to your heating equipment and pose an unnecessary safety risk. Customers who sign up for auto-delivery minimize the likelihood of a no-fuel or heat loss emergency. When you have a crazy week at work, school, or are planning on spending the upcoming holidays away from home, you can trust the energy experts at Packard Fuels to keep an eye on your heating oil tank levels for you.*

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Ready to Sign Up for Automatic Oil Delivery? Contact Packard Fuels Today

Improved overall home comfort, safety, and greater energy savings are just some of the benefits available for Central VT residents enrolled in Packard Fuels’ automatic heating oil delivery program. We proudly serve Vermont residents primarily in Washington County and Orange County as well as in southern Orleans County and Caledonia County! Make your heating season even easier when you sign up for automatic heating oil delivery from us and take advantage of our other valuable heating services to help make your Vermont home as safe, comfortable, and cozy as possible this upcoming heating season.

*Safety Tip: Customers who choose automatic delivery should still check their fuel gauge every so often as a safety precaution. An increase in fuel usage, like additional household members, should be shared with a Packard Fuels representative.