On-Road & Off-Road Diesel in East Montpelier, VT

Whether you need diesel to power tractors and bulldozers or cars and trucks, Packard Fuels has the fuel for you. We provide convenient off-road diesel fuel, on-road diesel fuel and diesel delivery in Montpelier, VT and throughout Central Vermont. We make sure you have as much on-road and/or off-road diesel fuel as you need, delivered to you on a regular basis. Our family-owned company looks forward to meeting your needs. All customers that choose to be on will call are required to call no later than 4:00 PM the day before the normal delivery day for your area.

Off-Road Diesel Fuel Available For:

  • Farm Equipment
  • Excavators
  • Bull Dozers
  • Generators
  • Bucket Loaders

On-Road Diesel Fuel Available For:

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Dump Trucks
  • Straight Trucks