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About Packard Fuels

About Packard Fuels 2017-11-16T17:20:02+00:00

Packard Fuels is a local, family-owned fuel delivery service providing ultra low-sulfur heating oil, as well as off-road and on-road diesel for residential, commercial, and industrial properties in Central Vermont.

We live here, we care about our community, and we’ll never leave you in the cold. Our licensed, trained, and highly-experienced technicians are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to provide you with personal attention and top-quality service.

Call us today at (802) 262-3835 to learn how Packard Fuels can make your life a little easier.

Oil Delivery

Ultra low-sulfur heating oil for your home or business

Heating Oil

Make sure your house or place of business stays comfortable throughout the winter cold with reliable heating fuel delivery from Packard Fuels, Inc.


Diesel Delivery

On-Road & Off-Road Diesel for your truck fleet, farm equipment, or diesel automobile

Diesel Fuel

Keep the engines in your on- or off-road vehicles running with our convenient diesel delivery. We bring it right to your door, 24 hours a day.


See our competitive prices.

Lower Your Cost

Avoid unpredictable rate hikes next winter and spread out your fuel payments. With heating oil prices at a 6-year low, now’s the time to lock in your rate for next winter.

“Thank you to Packard Fuels! On Friday night at about 9:30 we realized we had no hot water. We placed a call and within 5 minutes Ellery called us back. He told us he would have a tech call us which he did within 10 minutes. He was at our house within 20, and had us up and running in 45! What great service!”
Tammy Lawrey and Fred McCullough